Excellence and Education Network

Passion for Excellence in Education

Responsible Disclosure Policy

At Excellence and Education Network, we take great pride in upholding our clients’ faith and confidence in us. We are aware that safeguarding client data is a major duty that needs to be given top attention. As a result, we really appreciate the help that security researchers and other members of the security community may provide us in maintaining the security of our digital platforms, and we take their security very seriously.

We welcome your cooperation in responsibly reporting any security vulnerabilities you may have found in one of our digital platforms, such as websites or mobile applications, if you are a security researcher. Validated vulnerabilities will be fixed by us in compliance with our commitment to security and privacy.


Security researchers should only report potential vulnerabilities using the email address – support@exced.com.ng; do not use any other method of contact. Make sure to include all relevant details, including instructions on how to replicate the vulnerability.

The following are the actions that are deemed incompliant with this policy and cannot be done in order to have a proper cooperative experience:

  • Publicly revealing the specifics of any discovered or purported vulnerability without Excellence and Education Network’s clear written authorization
  • Altering information that is stored in an account that is not yours
  • Obtaining or downloading more data than is necessary to show a vulnerability. If at all possible, this shouldn’t go beyond one or two recordings.
  • Attempting to carry out operations that impede our digital assets’ availability (e.g., any volumetric or denial of service assaults)
  • Posting, sending, downloading, storing, linking to, or otherwise handling any harmful software
  • Conducting testing in a way that could lead to the sending of spam, unsolicited or illegal texts, junk mail, or other duplicate or unsolicited messages
  • Testing in a way that compromises the functionality or performance of any digital assets owned by Excellence and Education Network
  • Examining outside programs, sites, or services that connect to or integrate with Excellence and Education Network digital assets
  • Modifying any files, data, or system configurations
  • Creating a backdoor in any kind of digital product
  • Carrying out non-technical attacks like phishing or social engineering